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In the building that housed the legendary Club7 and Sardines, Klubben i Røverstaden has found its home. Klubben has a capacity of 600 people and is located in the basement of Røverstaden. We rent out the venue for events such as concerts, release parties, clubs, seminars, Christmas parties and company parties. 

As a concert venue, we present a varied concert program in a medium-sized format. With the stage's intimate design, you get a unique closeness to the artists on stage. Plain and simple, Klubben is created for concerts in a club format, regardless of genre.

Curious about what we can do for you? Contact our booking department!




We have new and modern technical equipment according to industry standards. Our technical staff can help adapt technical equipment to your needs. For more information see technical specifications.


Stading: 600 personer

Bar tables/mingle: 500 personer

Conference: 298 personer

Seated by table: 200 personer


Capacity will vary depending on the design of the event.


Fursetgruppen operates our bars and delivers restaurant food of the highest class. The menus are carefully composed and put together from the best the season has to offer. Read more about Fursetgruppen here

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