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Welcome to Dueslaget - a unique and intimate stage with a pleasant atmosphere. The stage is perfect for smaller seminars and concerts with a capacity of up to 75 seated guests.


With an associated restaurant area, you have the opportunity to serve food and drink during the event and give your guests a complete experience. The venue also has an amphitheater, which can be incorporated into the event to provide a more dynamic experience. The entire floor has a maximum capacity of 300 guests.

Whether you are planning a concert, a seminar or a party, this room will provide a unique and memorable experience for your guests. In short, an exciting venue with many possibilities!

Party in Dueslaget, Røverstaden



We have new and modern technical equipment according to industry standards. Our technical staff can help adapt technical equipment to your needs. For more information see technical specifications.


Standing tables/mingle: 300 people

Dinner: 130 people

Seated with stage view: 75 people 

Capacity will vary depending on the design of the event. 


Fursetgruppen operates our bars and  delivers restaurant food of the highest class. The menus are carefully composed and put together from the best the season has to offer. Read more about Fursetgruppen here

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